Classical Guitar Application

Chamber music performance

CLASSICAL GUITAR PLAYERS (1 June - 26 June) (Guitarists range in age from early twenties to late fifties)

For the summer of 2023 you can create an opportunity which suits your professional and artistic development from the following performance/study concentrations: Chamber music for guitar and orchestral instrument(s) with members of the Rome Festival Orchestra; Chamber music for guitar and voice with members of the Rome Festival Opera Classical Ballet World Premiers with the Rome Festival Ballet Guitar repertoire for solo and duo guitar.

All your expenses of the Rome Festival opportunity may be covered by tax deductible gifts and grants through out 501-c-3 charity.  Our charity receives many corporate matches.  All tax payers and all non-profits may contribute.

We select guitarists at the end of each month for the summer of 2023 and 2024.   When our charity has used up all its financial support available for 2023, we invite guitarists for 2024.

You should apply for the Rome Festival Chamber Music Institute for Guitar during these days for the summer of 2023.  As a member of the Rome Festival Chamber Music Institute you will perform as part of three or more concerts at the Festival while living in heart of the historic center of Rome.  From your small hotel you can walk to the cultural sites which inspired so many composers.  You will meet instrumentalists, singers, ballet dancers, and designers from all over the United States, Italy, and at least nine other countries. Through these artists you will network worldwide for your professional future.

To apply mail to our "fast" address, found on the application form, an application and application fee $39 during these days followed in two weeks either by emailing your audition as a music file to OR by post mailing a recording of your playing on a cassette or regular CD to our fast postal address.  Even if you post mail all your application materials on the same day, we suggest you mail them in two envelopes. 



E-Mail us at:
Include what you do as a performer or a volunteer.
Also include your career status or your date of birth. The Rome Festival, an educational charity, follows a policy of rolling monthly admissions which maintains racial non-discrimination and equal opportunity to all.